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Prince Albert Highlanders Pipes & Drums Standard Settings of Music (2001)


Our 262 page music book is a selection of tunes assembled from a variety of different sources; many are traditional tunes, others are favourites of individual band members, and a few are original compositions. Each of the collected tunes has been subject to varying amounts of annotation or re-arrangement by the Pipe-Major.

Over the years, both original and edited versions of the same tune were being used by band members which caused some confusion. As a result, our book, the "Standard Settings of Music for the Prince Albert Highlanders Pipes & Drums" was assembled to provide the definitive version from which to learn and play.

To assemble this collection of 206 tunes, over 400 bars were visited (of music..not pubs unfortunately). Approximately 30,000 notes and more than 12,000 gracenotes and other embellishments were painstakingly transcribed to produce this compilation.

Please note our book is for band members only and not for sale.

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