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                           We have 4 primary uniform formats:
                           1. Formal - cool weather - Tunic & Tie
                           2. Formal - warm weather - Tie
                           3. Semi-formal - warm weather - No Tie
                           4. Informal - all weather - Black T-shirt

The Cunningham tartan worn by our pipers.

1. Formal - Cool Weather
Our cool weather formal uniform consists of the following:
  • Cunningham tartan kilt
  • Dark navy blue tunic
  • Horse-hair sporran (white with 2 black horse-hair tassels) (for pipers)
  • Black leather sporran (for drummers)
  • Off-white hose
  • Black leather belt (with chrome buckle)
  • Black leather shoes
  • Red garter flashes
  • Black shirt with epaulettes
  • Plain glengarry (black or dark navy blue) with red hackle (for pipers)
  • Diced glengarry (black or dark navy blue) with red hackle (for drummers)
  • Tie (no standard as yet)
  • Sgian dubh & dirk (optional)
2.  Formal - Warm Weather
The primary difference between our cool and warm weather uniform is:
- we do not wear tunics,
- we wear our "PAHldrs" epaulette sleeves
3.  Semi-Formal - Warm Weather
- we do not wear tunics
- we wear our "PAHldrs" epaulette sleeves
- we do not wear ties
4.  Informal - All Weather
Our informal uniform consists of:
- our regular kilt
- band T-shirt (or other black T-shirt or shirt)
- shoes (or sandals, sneakers, etc)
- hose (or socks or none)
- belt
- sporran
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Retailers  - Interested in supplying kit to our band?
Please contact our quartermaster Michael McLaughlan:
                 mclaughlin(at symbol)

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