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Ceud Měle Fŕilte
 (100 000 Welcomes)
     pronounced kade mealeh fahltsha
We are Saskatchewan's northern-most highland pipe and drum band and have been proud to perform at community events around Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, as well as events in New York City, France, Holland, and Beijing, and Shanghai China.  Our band is well known in the area for our performances of the top hits of the 1700's and 1800's.
Welcome to our website!  On this site you'll find information about our performances, our repertoire, and how to book us for your community event.

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Bagpipes: An Instrument of War - Video (click here)

P.A. Highlanders & Friends Performing in Shanghai (Part 1)

P.A. Highlanders & Friends Performing in Shanghai (Part 2)

2018-2019 Tunes:

click here to download Rev Karl Kling


click here to download file "Leaving Prince Albert"

click here to download "Afton River"

Click here for the Shanghai music settings - Pipes

Clich Here for Shanghai Music Settings - Drums

For the following drum audio files, right-click on link and choose "Save link as..." in a directory on your computer or other device.  The files are in .m4a format.

click here for 2-4 Massed Band beating

click here for 2-4 MSR beating

click here for 3-4 Massed Band beating

click here for 4-4 Massed Band beating

click here for 6-8 Massed Band beating

click here for Black Bear - Caller Herrin set beating

click here for Highland Cathedral Slow March beating

click here for Reel beating

click here for Slow March beating

click here for Strathspey beating


click for Scotland 2015 music (drums + pipes)

click for In The Mood

click for American Patrol

click here for 10th Battallion

click for Wellington Police Pipers (revised)

click for Cullen Bay

click for Mull of Kintyre p.1

click for Mull of Kintyre p.2

click for Road to the Isles

click for Dark Isle

click for Beijing tunes (PDF)

1. Standards:

  2/4    Wha' Saw the 42nd Black Watch
  2/4    Mairi's Wedding
  4/4    Scotland the Brave
  4/4    Wings
  3/4    Green Hills of Tyrol
  3/4    When the Battle's O'er
  6/8    Bonnie Dundee
  6/8    Steamboat
  4/4    Minstrel Boy
  4/4    Rowan Tree
  6/8    Cock O' the North
  4/4    Jimmy Findlater
  4/4    Highland Cathedral
  2/4    Let's Have a Ceilidh
  6/8    10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing the Rhine
  2/4   King George the 5th's Army
  4/4   Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes
  4/4   High Road to Linton
  2/4    Inverness Gathering
  2/4    Haugh's of Cromdale
  2/4    Johnnie Cope

2. Variety:

  3/4    Lochanside
  6/8    Hundred Pipers
  6/8    Atholl Highlanders
  2/4    Black Bear
  2/4    Caller Herrin
  2/4    Barren Rocks of Aden
  2/4    Highland Laddie
  2/4    Corriechoillie's Welcome
             to the Northern Meeting
  2/4    Teribus
   2/4    Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
   2/4    Sweet Maid of Glendaurel
  12/8   Wellington Police Pipers in Australia

3. Developmental:
  4/4    Thomas Sanders
  4/4    Johnnie with the Bandy Legs
  4/4    Scotch on the Rocks
  4/4    Crags of Tumbledown Mountain
  2/4    Rakes of Mallow
  2/4    Piper's Polka (first 2 parts only)
  6/8    Farewell to the Creeks
  Reel:  Itchy Fingers
  Strathspey:  Earl of Errol
4. For Burns or St. Andrews Suppers:

  2/4  Bonnie Doon
  2/4  A Man's A Man
  2/4  Highland Wedding
  6/8  Flower of Scotland
  2/4  Auld Lang Syne
  4/4  Meeting of the Waters
  5/4  Cullen Bay

Click here for our complete repertoire

Practices & Performances

Saturday July 21
Performance - Shell Lake Hay Days Parade
Meet: 11:00
Parade: 11:30
depart Monette residence at 9:30 am
Uniform = No. 2

Monday July 30
Performance - P.A. Exhibition Parade
Uniform = No. 2
Meet: 6:30 pm
Saturday August 18
Saskatoon Folkfest
Uniform = 1 - 2 - 3

Saturday January 26, 2019
Battleford Highland Dance Association
Robbie Burns Supper
Uniform = No. 1-2-3 

    Uniform #1:
    Kilt, black dress shirt, tie, tunic
    Uniform #2:
    Kilt, black dress shirt, tie
    (short sleeves May-Sept)
    (long sleeves Oct-Apr)
    Uniform #3:
    Kilt, black dress shirt, no tie
    (short sleeves May-Sept)
    (long sleeves Oct-Apr)
    Uniform #4:
    Kilt, black T-shirt

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